Nov 16 - 2016 - Long overdo update!

Hello all! I have neglected updating this site for ages as I just haven't had time, and the type of custom work I do changes from month to month so having some official list of options just has not been possible.

Please note that I changed the footer of this site to clearly indicate that I have no official affiliation with Victorinox, and once I have modified a SAK the warranty is void. I always look after the mods I have done, so if you have any problem please contact me.

As for what I currently work on....

I no longer work on alox 93mm at all. I do the occasional Titanium scale set for that size SAK, but I dont make custom backsprings or any other parts for that size. Right now I specialize in converting 91mm SAKs to a Ti scale or brass scale set. I will add some pictures in the examples section to show the conversions I do work on right now. My Instagram feed is the best place to see what I am currently up to as I update that daily.

I'm always up for a challenge though, so if you have an idea contact me and lets see if I can help. I will try just about anything with the metals I work in, which is Titanium, brass and copper. I have a Tormach CNC machine and I can do custom engraving and texturing.