Jan 17 - 2015 - Update on SAK customs offered

Welcome all to 2015 and I thought I would do an update post to let everyone know what I currently work on. I am now beginning my 4th year of offering customized SAKs.

58mm - I still do brass and Ti conversions on any 58mm size.
84mm - No longer working on this size SAK.
91mm - Ti scales available now, pictures of examples coming soon.
93mm - Customs based on the 93mm alox platform are still very popular and I work on this size the most.

Here are some teaser pictures of a large and very nice looking alox custom I just completed last week. This has hard anodized black scales and polished brass liners.
Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image

May 2 - 93mm alox examples

All of the 93mm alox mods are now up in the gallery section. Next I will start showing various modding options I have available.

April 20 - Slow on updates

I still havent had a chance to finish putting this site together but I will work on getting my 93mm alox examples up over the next week. I just want to clarify that currently I only work on the 58mm and 93mm sizes.

I stopped taking on cadet jobs since that size of SAK is much harder to add tools to. The thin cadet scales are also not rigid enough to support a multilayer mod, nor provide the option to countersink the screws.

March 23 - Custom Ti 58mm SAK minichamp featured in Kickstarter campaign

One of my Ti converted minichamps went for a photoshoot for this new Kickstarter campaign.

Check out this excellent mini dangler Kickstarter here.

Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image

If you'd like to request a custom Ti minichamp build of your own, send me an email at sakmodder@gmail.com

March 1 - SAKMODDER Launched

I've been modding alox SAKs for over 2 years now and finally decided to put up a gallery site.

My html is rusty but I will try my best to get this site together in a few weeks and list all my customs and services.

Contact me at sakmodder@gmail.com if you'd like a quote on a custom piece.

Also see my alox modding thread at www.multitool.org


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